Carbon8 Aggregates Ltd has now become O.C.O Technology Ltd.

The new name is derived from the chemical symbols for Carbon and Oxygen which make up carbon dioxide (CO2), which looks like O=C=O in structure.

The move is designed to more accurately reflect the Company’s core knowledge and expertise in using carbon dioxide to treat various wastes. It also allows us to place a clear differentiation between ourselves and others who have similar names.

Furthermore, it provides a springboard from which to build and expand our business into new markets, to develop new products alongside our existing award-winning carbon negative aggregates, and to identify new opportunities for our technology on the world stage.

Over the next month (August) you will see the new O.C.O Technology branding appear as the old name is phased out.  We will soon unveil our new logo, followed by our new website.

We are excited about the future.  Hope you are too!