O.C.O are delighted to publish their latest sustainability report for the 2021-2022 financial year.

Managing Director Steve Greig said “Once again I’m ecstatic that the company has been successful in achieving so many of its sustainability goals”. He added “In the past year we have significantly improved our carbon footprint, sold our first carbon credits, and embarked upon many exciting new international development projects”. 

Over the past year, O.C.O has maintained an ‘excellent’ rating for BES 6001 and has won several awards including the International Dilmun Environmental Award.

The company has developed new partnerships in Australia and the USA and has projects at various stages of development across four continents. 

Production of Manufactured LimeStone aggregate has continued to increase, as has the tonnage of input waste recycled. 

Health and safety performance indicators have again shown that the company has significantly overachieved its targets.

Investment in research and development increased for the fourth year in a row. And the latest staff survey demonstrated that our team are happy working for O.C.O with a response rate of 98%.

The report is available for download from our sustainability page.