Carbon capture specialist O.C.O Technology has begun the new year with a restructuring programme that has seen the creation of two distinct businesses – one focusing on UK projects and one on the international market.

The newly-created O.C.O Technology Group now comprises of O.C.O Technology (UK) alongside O.C.O International; with a further subsidiary company O.C.O Technology Australia, formed to look after the company’s projects in Australia.

Two new appointments have been made to strengthen the UK’s Board of Directors, with Finance Director Peter Wroth and Compliance Director Lee Thompson, each taking their seat at the top table alongside Operations Director Paul Barber, Managing Director Graham Cooper and Chief Executive Officer Steve Greig.

Steve Greig, who sits on the Boards of both companies, said: “With so many opportunities to drive the business forward in both the UK and overseas markets, it had become clear that separating the two areas would make the best strategic sense, both for us and our customers.

“Adding the undoubted skills and experience of our two new directors onto the UK Board will drive an even greater focus on developing our UK operations, including the opening of our new £8 million carbon negative aggregate facility at Wretham in Norfolk, later this year.

“On the international scene, our team continues to make huge strides with projects in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe and we are very excited about the opportunities to expand our carbon capture technology into further new and developing markets.”

O.C.O’s pioneering Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) treats Air Pollution Control residues (APCr), predominately from Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, with carbon dioxide gas. The process transforms it into an artificial aggregate which, because more CO2 is permanently captured than is used in the manufacturing process, is recognised as the world’s first carbon negative aggregate.

The new-look Board for O.C.O Technology (UK), from left: Peter Wroth, Graham Cooper, Steve Greig, Lee Thompson and Paul Barber.