O.C.O Technology is delighted to be announced as a winner in the 2023 Research & Development Awards hosted by Acquisition International.   

We were awarded the Best Sustainable Construction Products & Carbon Capture Tech Company 2023. 

Managing Director Steve Greig said “I’m absolutely delighted. O.C.O has always been focused on developing new technology for carbon capture. With our many partnerships around the globe, we are excited about the growth and innovation to come” 

O.C.O developed Manufactured LimeStone (M-LS), a replacement for natural stone that uses industrial wastes as a feedstock to sequester carbon dioxide. The company has continued to develop new variants of the product for use in multiple applications including concrete, masonry and asphalt. In the last year, following four years of development together with Kobelco Eco Solutions, a technology solution utilising flue gas from industrial processes has been made commercially available. 

O.C.O’s Head of Research & Development, Dr. Peter Gunning added “O.C.O’s work on development of carbon capture technology is still world leading, 13 years after the company was formed. We continue to strive to be innovators in our sector”.