O.C.O Technology has signed a 5-year agreement to recycle Tilbury Green Powers’ Air Pollution Control residues (APCr).  Tilbury Green Power (TGP) has been looking for a partner to deliver a circular economy solution for their APCr and O.C.O are able to provide a non-landfill recycling option.

The TGP renewable power plant within the Port of Tilbury on the banks of the River Thames is fuelled by 270,000 tonnes per annum of waste wood.  The APCr created by biomass plants has different characteristics to the APCr from municipal waste energy from waste facilities, but following a series of trials and process development, O.C.O were able to utilise their Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) to produce an aggregate product compliant with the end of waste specification.

Steve Greig, Managing Director of O.C.O Technology says “We are diversifying our portfolio of waste and other materials suitable for ACT and the biomass fuel market is just one example.  It is a growing sector and O.C.O has recently secured Permit variations at all three of our operational facilities that significantly increase the range of materials authorised for processing in our plants.  The depth of expertise in O.C.O is impressive and we are continually developing our process – both in terms of the engineering design and our management of the chemistry.”

“We are currently working on a number of domestic and overseas projects that will see O.C.O at least double in size over the next three years.  Our innovation in carbon capture, materials processing and recycling makes us unique in this sector.  Our strength in research and development has provided a firm foundation for the business to explore new opportunities.”

“O.C.O has continued to flourish despite COVID-19.  This is testament to our colleagues throughout the business, who have adapted to the challenges and displayed great professionalism.”

The TGP APCr will initially be processed at the O.C.O facility in Avonmouth, pending upgrades to the O.C.O Brandon site.  It is anticipated the APCr will then be recycled at Brandon from spring 2021.