Lizzie Bayley (Legal and Commercial Manager) and Karl Sheehan (Business Development Manager)  recently visited our partners, Petronar SA, Alba and Repsol SA in Bilbao to continue to progress the development of the first commercial plant in Europe to manufacture carbon negative aggregate (M-LS) using O.C.O’s patented Accelerated Carbonation Technology and waste carbon dioxide gas captured from Petronar’s refinery to treat thermal residues generated by various energy recovery processes.

The project, which has been awarded funding from the European Commission’s Innovation Fund, will see the construction of a facility at a site in the port of Bilbao, capable of treating up to 22,000 tonnes of thermal residues and producing up to 50,000 tonnes of M-LS per annum, cutting carbon emissions annually by an estimated 2,200 tonnes of CO2.

The visit included meeting representatives of the Basque Government to promote and develop the Project as well as visiting and meeting a number of potential suppliers of thermal residues and customers for the M-LS.

Lizzie said, “We feel very privileged to be able to come and visit Bilbao and we are grateful to our partners Petronar SA, Alba and Repsol SA for hosting us. We have had the opportunity to further promote and discuss the project with interested third parties and have received very positive feedback. We look forward to developing these relationships further as we work with our Partners to deliver the project with its circular economy and carbon benefits and the support of the European Commission’s Innovation Fund.” The European Commissions’ Innovation Fund programme awards funding to the most innovative projects for the development of low carbon technologies that are close to pre-commercial scale.