To help drive continuous improvement throughout our business and to invest in the people within, numerous individuals are undertaking the NEBOSH General Certificate course.

Anyone who has or is currently taking the course will fully understand the work and commitment needed to pass. Many hours are filled with reading, note-taking, and revising, not to mention the redecorating of rooms and offices with sticky notes!

In total, eleven O.C.O employees are currently working on their NEBOSH, and it is with great pleasure that we can announce the first two employees to pass; Lee Cheetham (Assistant Manager, Leeds) and Jack Wiechnicki (Shift Supervisor, Leeds).

Both say they are looking forward to putting their learning into practice in their respective job roles and to help drive the business forward.

When asked about their experiences of the course and how they believed it had benefited them, Jack said “The course was a challenge but has already proven to be very beneficial and an asset to my personal development within the business. With the new knowledge I have acquired this will help me encourage and promote Health and Safety in professional manner”.  While Lee commented “I found the course very enjoyable and have already started implementing some of my newfound knowledge in a positive manor within the business, futhermore I am looking forward to continuing my development in the future.”

Our proud HSEQ Manager (Lee Thompson) was delighted to hear both Lee and Jack had completed the course successfully. He remembers undertaking the NEBOSH General Certificate many years ago and fully appreciates the work and dedication needed to complete it.

When asked about the initiative to put selected individuals through their NEBOSH General Certificate he replied, “It’s great that the business is fully behind developing individuals especially in Health and Safety. Not only will this assist the business in its continuous improvement, but it also gives the individuals a really good understanding of why we do things the way we do and helps them grow professionally. Although these are the first two individuals to pass, I don’t imagine it will be long before more join them and we have more good news to share”.

Well done again, Lee and Jack!

Lee Cheetham and Jack Wiechnicki with their NEBOSH certificates